Roman Saini

Roman Saini

Roman Saini is a motivational speaker, educator, entrepreneur, and former IAS officer. He co-founded “Unacademy,” an education venture that offers online (free and paid) instructional resources for competitive tests.



Roman Saini was born in Raikaranpura Village, Kotputli Town, Jaipur, Rajasthan on July 27, 1991 (age 27 as of 2018). He was born into a middle-class, intellectually solid household, which aided him in his studies.
Roman is from the Mali group (OBC) and comes from a Hindu family. His father is an engineer, and his mother is a stay-at-home mom. Avesh Saini, Roman’s brother, is a paediatrician, and Ayushee Saini, Roman’s sister, is a medical student.


He appeared for the AIIMS entrance exams after finishing school and became the youngest person to pass the exam at the age of 16. Roman enrolled in AIIMS to pursue his MBBS.


Roman began his work at AIIMS as a young resident doctor. While working as a resident doctor, Roman visited medical camps in several impoverished districts of India, where he witnessed people fighting for even the most basic necessities. He then chose to enter the government service in order to make a bigger contribution to society.
Gaurav Munjal, one of his classmates, contacted him in his second year of the MBBS degree with the notion of starting an instructional portal. Roman co-founded “Unacademy” with Gaurav Munjal, Hemesh Singh, and Sachin Gupta, an educational initiative that grew to become a prominent educational resource among students studying for competitive examinations, particularly UPSC hopefuls.
Roman passed the Civil Service Examination on his first try at the age of 22 and received the AIR 18. He was one of India’s youngest applicants to pass the test. He began his career as an Assistant Collector at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, after finishing his studies at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie. Saini resigned as Assistant Collector in 2016 to give more focus to his initiative, “Unacademy.”
Roman and his team (comprised of government employees, teachers, engineers, physicians, and other specialists) began to establish their Unacademy’s YouTube channel by uploading study materials relevant to medical, information technology, civil services, and foreign languages. The videos received millions of views soon after their release. Not only that, but it was revealed that more than ten channel users passed civil service exams by following the advice offered on the channel.

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