Manek Daruvala

Manek Daruvala

Manek Daruvala is the co-founder of the Hyderabad-based exam prep organisation TIME (Triumphant Institution of Management Education) Pvt. Ltd. (estb. 1992).


Manek N. Daruvala graduated from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad with a PGDM in Marketing.


Sales Manager at Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. (Apr 1987 – Jun 1993).
DGMDGM at VJ Infosystems Ltd.(Jul 1993 – Dec 1994).
Founder Director at T.I.M.E. Pvt. Ltd. (May 1992 – Present).


He never considered himself a businessman. But when he started instructing as a part-time job, he was compelled to reconsider. Not only did he naturally gravitate into teaching, but he immediately realised that the coaching industry was a wealthy one. Triumphant Institute of Management (T.I.M.E), his Hyderabad-based coaching institute, is now worth Rs. 188 crore. Daruvala, on the other hand, makes time for his main business: instructing kids.

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