Monica Gupta

Monica Gupta

Monica Gupta is the Co-founder of Craftsvilla, a leading ethnic online platform in India. The firm was co-founded with the goal of creating a forum for underprivileged artisans to earn a livelihood by selling their handcrafted goods. Craftsvilla offers an assortment of ethnic items straight from the designers and artisans at a wholesale price, with over five million products to pick from and over 30000 vendors on board.


Monica has an MS in accounting from San Diego State University, US. She is a keen reader and enjoys inspirational books.


Monica has been working in the Indian handicrafts sector for over ten years. She has travelled widely around the country, including rural parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan, and has developed close relationships with a variety of artists and organisations, including Gram Shree, Kalaraksha, Sahaj, Sadhna, and others. She is quite knowledgeable about areas such as Women’s Clothing and Accessories such as Bags. On an informal basis, she is also involved with a number of NGOs in India.

Monica is also the Chief Operating Officer of

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