Melanie Winstead

Melanie Winstead

Melanie Winstead is a Conduit of Ideas and People, Problem Solver, Portfolio Marketer, Entrepreneur, and a Mentor.


Melanie holds the degree of Certified Insurance Counselor. She did BBA in Economics from the University of West Georgia. She has also done a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Forbes School of Business.


• Senior Territory Manager at American Modern Insurance Group (2006-2018).
• Sales Director at American Modern Insurance Group (2013-2018).
• VP National Accountants at American Modern Insurance Group (2018).
• AVP, Marketing Manager at American Reliable Insurance Company (2018-2019).
• AVP Distribution Manager at Tower Hill Speciality (2109-present).


In an interview, she said that if anyone need help with their business, she is their go-to. She is a great conduit of both people and ideas. She essentially solves problems for a living and she does it very well. She has the industry connections to help people market their portfolios, even if her present company cannot help. She knows who to call and the relationships intact to make the call. She is direct. She says what she means, and mean what she says.

She is passionate about helping people. She has had a successful career in the Insurance Industry, but it has not been without bumps along the way. If people can benefit from her experience, she would love to lift people up and help them to go further, faster than her. She lives her life by the motto: of whom much is given, much is expected.

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