Mr. Yogesh C Jain

Mr. Yogesh C Jain

Mr. Yogesh C Jain is the Founder and the Chairperson of Arihant Publication.


They want to be people’s companions on their journey to success, leading them through adversity and assisting them in reaching their goals. After a decade of dominance, the Arihant brand is well recognised as the dominant force in the competitive books industry. Arihant Publications was founded in 1997 under the guidance of its Founder and Chairperson, Mr. Yogesh C. Jain. They began publishing with a collection of books for the IIT JEE, India’s flagship engineering entrance exams. That specific series of books was immediately embraced and became a popular amongst the kids and instructors, and they have seen exceptional progress throughout their unequalled endeavours since then.

Their beautifully crafted books and publications have allowed them to become India’s No. 1 publisher of competitive, recruiting, and entrance test literature. For the last 15 years, they have been creating study material, practise papers, and previous years’ papers for different competitive, recruitment, and entrance examinations such as IIT JEE, Medical Entrances, UPSC & State Civil Services, IAS, PCS, CDS, MAT, Bank PO, GATE/PSU/IES, or job recruiting. They not only publish books but also publications aimed at various competitive tests.
They have also joined the K-12 school books category, with a collection of books for classes 9th to 12th currently on the market and many more to come. After pioneering print publication for competitive examinations, they expanded into the realm of E-Learning, with E-Assessment, E-Books, and a plethora of other online alternatives to follow. Its publications have been a trademark for quality, dependability, and a reasonable price since their start, and they want to continue their pioneering work in the future.

The 5 Verticals:-

Arihant Publications has quickly grown to become one of the most well-known publishing firms in the Indian education industry, with over 1800 titles under its belt.

The main company, ARIHANT PRAKASHAN, was founded in 1997. Since then, it has grown to include over 800 popular titles. Its primary goal is to publish engineering, medical, and ITI course books. It will soon join the market for text and interactive resource books.
ARIHANT PUBLICATIONS (INDIA) LIMITED, which was established as a public limited company in 2011, began its adventure in 2005 by producing books on IAS, PCS, NDA, CDS, CAT, MAT, Bank PO, GATE/PSU/IES, job recruitment””s, ESL, personality development, and general reading. It presently has over 1000 active titles, putting Arihant Publications at the top of the competitive, recruiting, and entrance test book publishing market in India.
ARIHANT MEDIA PROMOTERS was founded in 2006 with the intention of publishing publications for various competitive tests, which subsequently became the most popular magazines in their respective categories. Arihant Samsamayiki Mahasagar, which contains current affairs in Hindi, and Competition in Focus, which covers numerous competitive and recruiting tests, are two of our most popular publications.
Arihant, the major force in the Indian book industry, entered the E-Publishing business in 2009 with ARIHANT EDU WEB (P) LTD, and our books can now be acquired from anywhere in India via the numerous online portals.
ARIHANT PRINT SOLUTION, a cutting-edge printing unit, was established in Meerut in 2010 to address the city’s ever-increasing printing demands.

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