Natasha Singh

Natasha Singh

Natasha Singh is the founder of Vajor. She began her entrepreneurial path when she was 17 years old. She moved to India at the age of 20 to be a part of the country’s growing narrative. She has 5+ years of expertise in the B2B Garment sector and has recently launched her new enterprise, which is solely focused on women’s fashion and lifestyle.

Natasha started Vajor in September 2014 and is presently the Product Developer, as well as the Sales and Marketing Team Leader. Her highlighted abilities and endorsements include business planning, team management, and marketing strategy, all of which assist her initiative.


Natasha Singh was born and brought up in Ludhiana, before her father who is a chef, shifted base to Hong Kong for work.



“I realised I wanted to pursue something in fashion and lifestyle when I was 17,” the 26-year-old explains. “I struggled at first (in Hong Kong) and had severe cultural shock. The way you engage with teachers and the regulations vary greatly between high school and college. ECA also teaches individuals a lot more than academics. ECA assisted me in breaking out of my shell. I soon got work teaching NRI children about India’s history “she claims Her mother worked as well. She would purchase cloth and then sew Indonesian hijabs before selling themSince the age of 14, Nathasha has been participating in the process and has gone to acquire the cloth. Even back then, she wanted to experiment with Chinese fabric and design her own clothes. So, seeking to find a larger market for her products, she moved to India at the age of 19, quitting her work as a distributor in Hong Kong, much against her parents’ wishes. “When you’re young, you don’t worry about the external issues,” she adds”I felt India had a big market, but when I arrived here, I noticed that the industry was more mature than I had previously imagined,” she says. Vajor was founded three years ago with the goal of “empowering the individual manufacturing the fabric while providing a top quality niche product to the masses.”
But things haven’t been that easy for Nathasha. “When I returned, many assumed it was simply an experiment and that I would give up and return to Hong Kong. I had to deal with bank managers, who would give me a strange look because of my age and gender since I was talking numbers! But that simply motivated me to do better “she claims Most of her family opposed her decision to return to India, but “now the same people come back and tell me what a terrific job I’ve done,” she chuckles. In terms of her parents, she continues, “It took me some time to persuade them that India had a stronger market. I want them to return to India now because I know how much they have missed it.”

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