Prem Kumar

Prem Kumar

Prem Kumar is the first Mahadalit student, who received a Dyer fellowship of 2.5 crores for admission in graduation in Lafayette College, America.


Prem Kumar is a resident of Gonpura village, Phulwarisharif.


A person’s skill can sometimes take them to unexpected locations. But he shows it by doing it alone on his own strength. Similarly, in Bihar, a laborer’s kid has done something. He received a Dyer fellowship of 2.5 crores for his entrance at Lafayette College America. This information was supplied by Sharad Sagar, the Founder and CEO of Dexterity Global.
According to Sharad Sagar, Prem Kumar will study Mechanical Engineering and International International Relations at Lafayette College. He told me that this college was founded in 1826.
Prem Kumar is part of Dexterity Global’s Leadership Development & Career Development programme. Sharad Sagar said that kids from the organization’s career development programme Dexterity to College have now secured over 100 crore in scholarships from the world’s greatest institutions.
Prem’s 2.5 crore scholarship will cover all of his academic and living costs at Lafayette College for the next four years. This includes tuition, accommodation, books and supplies, health insurance, and travel expenses, among other things. Prem Kumar informed me on this occasion that Dexterity Global had offered me this chance. Prem Kumar, according to Sharad Sagar, may be the first Mahadalit student to get this distinction. His path has been quite motivating.

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