Rishav Thakur

Rishav Thakur

Rishav Thakur is a classic singer, instrumentalist, vlogger, and social media Influencer.


Rishav Thakur was born in 2002 in Benipatti, Madhubani, Bihar, India. His father’s name is Ramesh Thakur who is a music teacher. His mother’s name is Bharti Thakur, she is a housewife. He has two siblings whose names are Maithili Thakur and Ayachi Thakur respectively.


He did his schooling at Bal Bhavan International School, Delhi.


In 2017, her sister, Maithili Thakur participated in the show ‘Rising Star along with his brothers. She was runner-up in that show. After that she got popular and the videos of her along with her brothers went viral. They were called by so many new channels and shows.
They learned music from their grandfather. They used to do jaguars and other musical functions.
Rishav is famous for his style and the way he plays tabla, people admire him so much.
Rishav is very active on his social media. He posts his fashionable outfits and modeling photos on his Instagram.
So many new channels and shows called him to show his talent. He is unbeatable in playing Indian musical instruments.
He has 366K followers on Instagram and 2.34 M subscribers on YouTube. He also shared a photo with a golden play button given by YouTube.

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