Seema Rahat

Seema Rahat

Seema Rahat is a celebrity wife. She got married to Rahat Indori on 27 May 1986. She was the second wife of Rahat Indori. Rahat Indori was a well-known, popular poet, Lyricist, Urdu Language Teacher, and Painter.


Seema Rahat was born in 1969 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Her Husband’s name is Rahat Indori. They have two sons and a daughter whose names are Satlaj Rahat, Faisal Rahat, and Shibil Rahat respectively.


Seema Rahat did her schooling at Government School in Indore and holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts.


Seema Rahat is self-employed. She handles her small-scale business along with her children.
She believes in Quran and Muslim religious values.

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