Romil Chaudhary

Romil Chaudhary

Romil Chaudhary is also known as ‘Romi’. Romi is an advocate at the High Court.


Romi was born in 1991 and lives in Karnal, Haryana, India. He is married to Zila Parishad of Karnal district. Romi’s father is a farmer. He has a son who took birth in 2018.


• Height : 6’4″.
• Weight: 90kgs.
• Eye Colour: Black.
• Hair Colour: Black.


Romi Chaudhary had entered the house of Bigg Boss season 12 as a commoner. In that show, people got to know his excellent mind. He entered the house with Nirmal Singh who is the Police. They entered the Bigg Boss house as the Jodi of ‘Policeman and Lawyer’. Romi introduces himself as 20% Angel and 80% devil and also a ‘Lucifer’.

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