Sheela Kumari Mandal

Sheela Kumari Mandal

Sheela Kumari Mandal was chosen as the JDU’s MLA for the Madhubani district’s Phulparas seat. Gulzar Devi, a two-term incumbent MLA, had his ticket cut by Nitish Kumar, who instead granted it to Sheela Kumari Mandal.


Sheela Kumari Mandal is a member of a low caste. Engineer Shailendra Kumar is her husband. They both got married in 1991. A boy and a daughter were born to Sheela and Shailendra.
Dhanik Lal Mandal, Sheela Kumari’s cousin, was a Phulparas MLA. He served as the Bihar Legislative Assembly’s speaker as well.
The son of Sheela Mandal’s brother-in-law and Dhanik Lal Mandal, Bharat Bhushan Mandal, was elected as an MLA from Laukaha on an RJD ticket.


Sheela Mandal is a postgraduate who enjoys reading and creating poetry.

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