Shri Siyaram Baba

Shri Siyaram Baba

A large number of devotees will arrive at Khamkheda/Peepalgon Bhatyan elders to worship Saint Siyaram Baba on Guru Purnima. Maha Aarti will be held with Bhandara. Shri Siyaram Baba observed a silent fast for 12 years. No one knew where Baba had come from. Baba broke the fast and uttered the first word Siyaram, since then the villagers call him Siyaram Baba.


According to Mukund Kewat, Rajesh Chalotra, Poonamchand Birle, Harish Birle, elders tell that Baba came here 50-60 years ago. Build a hut and started living. After installing the idol of Hanumanji, he used to chant the name of Ram in the morning and evening and recite Ramcharitmanas. No one knows about his age. Some tell his age as 80, while some say 130 years. Baba was born in Mumbai. There he studied till class 7-8. At an early age, he started working as an accountant with a Gujarati moneylender. At the same time, there was a darshan of a monk. Vairagya and Shri Ram Bhakti awakened in the mind. He left home and the world and went to the Himalayas to do penance. No one knows for how many years where he did penance, who was his guru. Baba did not tell this to anyone. Even today, when asked, they say the same thing, what is mine, I only see fun. Rameshwar Birle and Santosh Patel of the village told that Baba takes bath in Narmada every day. He himself serves those who circumambulate the Narmada.


Dal, rice, oil, salt, chilli, camphor, incense sticks and batti are also given in Sadavrat. Any devotee who comes to the ashram, Baba makes tea with his own hands and drinks it. Many times the houses of the village get submerged due to the Narmada floods. The villagers move to a higher safe place. But Baba leaves his ashram and temple and does not go anywhere. Ramcharitmanas is recited while sitting in the temple during floods. When the villagers come to see them when the flood subsides, it is said that mother Narmada had come. She left with darshan and blessings. What to fear from mother, that is Maiya.


Ashram being built in Peepalgon – The ashram located at Bhatyan elderly is in the submergence area of ​​Maheshwar Hydal Project. In view of this, Baba’s new ashram is being prepared on Laundi Road in Peepalgon. Baba will come here after Bhatyan Ashram is submerged. It should be known that due to attachment to Nagalwadi Shikhardham along with Bhatyan elders, they keep going to Bhilat Dev Darshan. Every year 25 thousand rupees are presented. This year, he gave Rs 2 crore 57 lakh as compensation for the drowning of the ashram located on the banks of Narmada for cementation on the ghat, construction of sheds to protect against rain on the way, etc.


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