Anubhav Dubey

Anubhav Dubey

Anubhav Dubey Founder of Chai Sutta Bar.He has built a business worth RS 100 crore by selling tea at the age of just 25.


Anubhav Dubey was born in the year 1996. His home town is Rewa city of Madhya Pradesh. He belongs to a middle class family. His height is approx. 5ft 8inch and weighs is about 60 kg.


Anubhav Dubey had done his schooling at Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Rewa, M.P and his college at Renaissance college of commerce and management.


Anubhav Dubey went to Delhi to prepare for UPSC and started selling Tea with his friend without the knowledge of his parents.
One Day, while he was doing his Preparation for UPSC in Delhi, he got a call from his friend Anand Nayak from Indore, Saying Let’s start our college time Business Idea of Selling Tea.
Anubhav got Excited and starting packing his bag with 1-2 sets of clothes and reached Indore, and then both friends started finding room for the business.
They find a room that was an empty warehouse of cement, and they started their business by investing 3 lakh rupees of their savings.
That room is near the girls’ hostel, they liked the room and decided to rent and they want to attract a crowd of girls so that more youth will come.
In decorating and furniture in the room, they spent all their savings and on the first day they decided to give free tea, but no one is coming to drink the free tea thinking about what these boys are giving.
But on the next day they decided to call all of their friends to create a fake crowd and seeing a fake crowd more people will come, and the same happened. Slowly people started knowing them and their shop name Chai Sutta bar.
Within 6months, they are doing very in their sales and need 5-6 people just to handle the crowd. After that, they started working on expanding their business and opening new franchises.
Now, They have franchise in Dubai, Muscat, Oman, Nepal and they have more than 165 outlets, not only in India. Apart from this, they are planning to open their outlets in Canada and America.


President of Farz Foundation to help needed peoples.
He is honored with United Nations Young Change Maker Conclave (UNYCC) award.
Anubhav’s story was documented by NCERT.
Their sales is more than 3 lakh of kulhad tea evey day.
He has an IT company named Tech Master Gogo.
Their Chai Sutta Bar trading Pvt. Ltd trades in Ceremic Products.
Anubhav was planning to open a non veg product brand with the name of 2 boti 4 roti.


Anubhav Dubey’s estimated net worth is 50 crore. His income is more than 25 lakh.

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