Ayush Jaiswal

Ayush Jaiswal

Ayush Jaiswal is the Co-Founder and Joint CEO of Pesto Tech, an intensive training program dedicated to upskilling India’s five million software engineers and giving them access to borderless job opportunities.

Growing up, Ayush was fascinated by the potential of tech to change lives and build a better world. He taught himself graphic design, learned how to code and build websites, and eventually secured admittance to an engineering college in Delhi, where he founded his first startup.

Eventually, he decided to fully commit to his entrepreneurial dream and dropped out of college. Ayush spent the next couple of years living the life of a digital nomad, founding a series of startups, and living out of a co-working space.

Ayush is currently based out of New Delhi, where he oversees Pesto’s India operations. He is also a Kairos Fellow and serves as an advisor for Startup Grind India.

Ayush is passionate about building a business that has a great impact on society. He is very bullish about new tech disrupting the old and traditional industries and he enjoys being a part of it. Challenging the Status quo is fun.
Ayush is currently building Pesto. tech.

Pesto is on a mission to turn global software engineering wages into a meritocracy, regardless of where someone is born. Today They are focusing on upskilling India‚Äôs 5 million software engineers and pairing them with the world’s top tech companies.

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