Ayush Wadhwa

Ayush Wadhwa

Ayush is a student of Mechanical Engineering at BITS Pilani, founder, and chief creative officer at Owled Media, as well as a content creator. He is everything but an Engineer – In other words, he is a filmmaker by profession, a Storyteller by heart, and an Engineer by choice, not his choice.

Hailing from a small town in Haryana, Ayush Wadhwa represents what all of us need in our lives, a constant motivation to achieve our dreams. Ever since he was a child, Ayush has been passionate about doing, working, and accomplishing unique things.

Ayush’s family welcomed his decision to step up as an entrepreneur, and in a sense, they were always aware that Ayush would do something of this sort, given his crafty nature.

Ayush found a passion for online content creation and technology at the age of 11 and created his first video at 13.
Throughout the next decade, he developed his experience with over 1100 videos created by collaborating with over 85 brands and has put his expertise in entrepreneurship, video production & marketing strategies at the forefront of everything he has created.
With a millennial perspective and a wealth of experience in the industry, he is always ready to discuss creative collaborations with a sustainable future-focused marketing strategy. Creating online content is nothing new for 22-year-old Ayush Wadhwa. He is a firm believer in the power of technology and video content for educational purposes and started at the age of 13 through a technology blog and YouTube Technician Studio channel from Rohtak, Haryana.

In 2020, when the epidemic hit and many startups and companies began to focus on content, Ayush released Owned Media. It provides video advertising, content, filters, and AR games for startups and high-growth companies.
He also highlighted the importance of getting involved in the video of the global epidemic saying that now is the time for people to watch, share and enjoy engaging videos and social media. advertising. Of course, we know how well he explained that!

Ayush has traveled to many major companies around the world to cover and capture content. He was recently awarded as the creator of the most-watched video of Incredible India – Ministry of Tourism, India.

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