Devesh Zha

Devesh Zha

Devesh Zha is the MD & founder of Daybest (Day best Research Pvt Ltd). He is Working with Drones, UAVs, UCAVs, robots, and IoT for Agriculture, Aerospace & Aviation.
Devesh Zha is an entrepreneur building Drones & UAV, Robot & IoT, Satellite & Spacecraft, Electric & Amphibious Aircraft, Launch Vehicle by promoting Research & Innovation in the field of Space, Aviation & Robotics, dedicated to Agriculture, Defense, Space Exploration, Airlines, Healthcare, Smart Village, Education, Logistics & Cargo.

Devesh Zha company is a provider of drone-based farming solutions. Devesh team also provides an app that uses IoT, machine learning, blockchain technologies and offers real-time crop monitoring, soil health analysis, yield estimation, crop health status, and irrigation status solutions. His APP AI platform uses image analysis, sensor analysis, and spectral analysis solutions for early-stage disease detection in crops and in taking prevention measures while solving problems in the supply chain & source tracing.

Devesh Zha company is a professional manufacturer of VTOL Fixed-wing UAVs for industrial application. With a team of over 10 years of experience in the R&D of UAV and drone products, they have independent R&D ability and reliable quality, reasonable prices, and advanced designs.

“Success means peace of Mind & Freedom of Choice”- Devesh Zha (Founder- DayBest)

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