Dr. Brij Mohan Bhardwaj

Dr. Brij Mohan Bhardwaj

Dr. Brij Mohan Bhardwaj is an Indian Social worker and the founder of the Maa Madhuri Brij Varis Sewa Sadan, Apna Ghar. He founded the organization with Dr. Madhuri Bharadwaj. Their organization serves more than 40000 homeless people and this organization has more than 21 Ashrams all over India.


Brij Mohan Bhardwaj was born in Sahroi village in the Khair city of Aligarh District in Uttar Pradesh, India. During his college studies, he met his wife Madhuri Bharadwaj who was in 9th standard at that time. They used to go to school and college respectively on the same bus. They talked about shared dream, and their motives. After 8 years of their meeting, they got married to each other on 8 December 1993. They both decided not to have kids and they wanted to invest their whole life in the help of homeless people. They both became doctors and started bringing homeless people to their homes.


When he was 5 years old, he was anguished by the death of a Baba named Chiranjee Baba. Chiranjeev Baba was an old destitute who spent all his life as a cowherd to villagers. He was unmarried and lived alone. When Baba fell sick, no one came to help him, and eventually he died.
This incident left a mark on Brij’s mind and there he determined to become a social activist.


After the 7years of the couple’s marriage, they established their organization on 29 June 2000. Today there are 21 Ashrams across India. The volunteers have set up Apna Ghar helplines.


Their Ashrams in Kota and Ajmer are partially supported by the Government of Rajasthan. The organization ofter runs funding campaigns to raise costs.


The Couple is very popular as they appeared on the special shows ‘ Karamveer’ and ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’.

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