Gautam Saraogi

Gautam Saraogi

Gautam Saraogi is a well-known founder and CEO of Go Fashion India Limited. (Go Fashion India Ltd. is a bottom wear brand for women.)


Gautam Saraogi holds a master’s degree in Marketing/ Marketing Management, General.


• Intern at Meridian Global venture Private Limited. (2009-2011).
• Chief Executive Officer at Go Colors. (2011-present).


Gautam Saraogi is the CEO at Go Colors. And he has 10 years of experience in garment manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, and brand building. Garment exporting is his family business. He has worked for 2 years in Meridian Apparels Ltd. – a garment export company, Tirupur, which helped him get valuable insight into the garment trade, and then he started Go Colors.

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