Lavleen Kaur

Lavleen Kaur

Lavleen Kaur is an award-winning well known Indian dietitian, lifestyle coach, influencer, and clinical nutritionist. Lavleen is also a founder of Diet Insight, founded in 2014. Diet Insight is only to educate the masses about healthy eating and overall wellness.


Lavleen Kaur was born on 21 April 1987 in Chandigarh, India in a sikh family. She is religious and believes in the principles of Sikhism.
She got married to Jagandeep Singh who is an IT Systems Engineer and co-founder of Diet Insight. They both got married on 9 December 2012 and they have a cute son named Meharmeet Singh.


Lavleen holds the master’s degree in Science specialising in Food and Nutrition from the college named Government Home Science College, Chandigarh. She also did post-graduation in Health and Family Welfare from Punjab University.


Lavleen founded the clinic diet inside in Chandigarh in the year 2014 with only motive to help people realise the power of food which will he will there Lifestyle disorders like cholesterol, thyroid, hypertension, PCOD and diabetes. See also provides various programs for common problems like weight gain, weight loss and many specific issues like kids nourishment, pregnancy care.


• Best Dietitian – 2019.
• Most promising youngest dietitian in North India – 2016.
• Best dietitian Tricity – 2015.

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