Pradeep Motwani

Pradeep Motwani

Pradeep Motwani is a Business leader at Hayasa and Alkaheal. He is the CEO & Co-founder of Hayasa and the CEO of Alkaheal.
( Hayasa is India’s best electric scooter company which offers a wide range of electric scooters at affordable prices.
AlkaHeal is committed to providing one of the first-ever 100% made-in-India alkalized water ionizers to cater to the population to solve health’s biggest problem which is mostly related to water.)


Pradeep Motwani is an alumnus of Bellevue High School.


• Business Owner at Sumeru Enterprises (2020-present).
• Cheif Executive Officer at Rohan Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (2021-present).
• Cheif Executive Officer at Hayasa E-Mobility (2021-present).
• Cheif Executive Officer at Alkaheal (2022-present).


A hardworking service person turned successful businessman with over twenty-five years of experience. During these years, He has played multiple roles varying from sales, providing consulting, executing their critical requirements to them for various matters, setting up and running multiple businesses successfully, and now he is helping startups to achieve their goals. Over the years, finance became his passion and soon turned into real work, where he now plays a huge role and invests his major time in helping Startups with various services like creating a vision, mentoring, Fundraising, etc. At other times when he is free, he thoroughly enjoys meditation, networking, and of course, the Art of living taught to Kriya, listening to music, and catching up with close friends over a cup of tea.
He is currently associated with HayasaEV in the capacity of a CEO where they proudly support the nation to become Greener with each purchase #missiongreenIndia, Rohan Energy, in the capacity of a Business Head where they make additives to reduce pollution by enabling efficient combustion #LesserCarbonFootPrint and an investor in multiple startups. He helps companies devise, vision, and excel by strategies that work best for them!!

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