Priyanka Shukla

Priyanka Shukla

Priyanka Shukla is an IAS officer in the area of Chattisgarh and is quite effective on social media like Twitter. She has also been promoting public awareness of the coronavirus pandemic.


There is not much information about her age. In Uttarakhand, Priyanka’s father worked for the government. As a result, the family resided in Haridwar. When the father used to leave the Haridwar Collector’s office at the time, he would say to his distressed daughter Priyanka, “Daughter, I too want to see your name on the nameplate hanging on the wall.” After that, Priyanka developed an envious desire to become an IAS.


King George Medical College Lucknow awarded Priyanka Shukla an MBBS in 2006. and later enlisted in 2009 Cadre as an IAS officer.


Priyanka Shukla visited the hospital in Lucknow for a checkup as a doctor in training. A woman drank contaminated water during this time, and her kids did too. When Priyanka noticed this, she asked her why, but the woman responded by asking whether she was a collector or some type of official. This incident cut deep into Priyanka’s heart. It was believed that IAS should be ready right now. She then started drafting for the Union Public Service Commission’s evaluation. She eventually was successful in her subsequent effort.

Numerous factors worked in Priyanka’s favour during her journey to serve as an IAS officer; she had obtained an All India Rank of 73 in her examination in the CSE 2008.

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