Tanu Jain 

Tanu Jain 

Tanu Jain, also known as Dr. Tanu Jain, is a former doctor who now works for the UPSC. She received the UPSC 2014 General Category AIR 648 ranking. She is currently employed by DRDO as an assistant director. She is well known for conducting interviews for Drishti IAS.


On July 17, 1986, Tanu Jain was born in New Delhi, India. The names of her parents are Arpita Jain and Akash Jain, respectively.


Tanu Jain attended Cambridge School in Srinivaspuri for her education. Subharti Medical College in Meerut is where she later earned her BDS degree. She began preparing for the Civil Service Examinations after finishing her medical degree and internship.


Height :-5’3″
Eye color:- Black
Hair color:-  Black


Dr. Tanu began her sincere preparation for the 2014 UPSC exams. She put in more than seven to eight hours a day, day and night. When the UPSC announced the results, her diligence had paid off. Dr. Tanu took the UPSC test six times before passing it on her third attempt. In 2015, she received the Armed Forces Headquarter Service.

She kept working and gave the nation some more years of service. Later, Dr. Tanu joined the UPSC interviewers at Drishti IAS and began participating in practise interviews. For the following couple of years, she conducts interviews. She gained a great deal of recognition and notoriety while working there, and as a result, people began looking up her biography.

Dr. Tanu Jain works in a variety of professions. Because of her successful service for the nation, she has great fame in the county. Her biography is truly inspirational since it has the power to transform your life over time.

Interviews, in Dr. Tanu’s opinion, are the most crucial component of your UPSC dream. Despite having three times passed the UPSC main exams, she was still unable to get a rank because her interview didn’t go as smoothly as she had wanted. Any informality in your voice or conduct, she claims, will not be permitted. You ought to behave like an officer at all times. You must respond to the questions. A method that will benefit you in both the interview and the UPSC mains is answering the point. Wait to give more details until requested.

Instead of responding in an erratic way, you must answer in points. This will demonstrate your clarity and assist you in succeeding. The interviewer will pay close attention to everything, including your personality, body language, and facial emotions. Sometimes, these speak louder than what you say.

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