Shefali Raj

Shefali Raj

Shefali Raj is the Founder of Speakwel ‘The Lifestyle School’. She is also the Managing Director of the PSIT Group of Colleges, the President of Arth “NGO for Girl Child Education and Development,” and the Vice President of National Human Resource Development.


Shefali is a Loreto Convent alumnus and a Post Graduate in Commerce. She studied Fashion and Textile Design. Shefali is a YWCA member and a Reiki First Degree healer.


She is fluent in Braille and has gained recognition from the blind employees’ welfare council, a drug rehabilitation organisation, and UNICEF. She has received a GOVERNOR’S MEDAL for excellence in education and has been named a Career Guru by a reputable media house.


She actively participated in the development of a strategic roadmap for public-private partnerships in education in collaboration with the India Today Group. She has worked on UP Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath’s dream initiative to make the state a favoured destination for talent mining in the country. Shefali has been involved in education for the past 27 years. She has held senior positions for her own company, ‘SPEAKWEL,’ as well as PSIT Kanpur.She has taught life skills and leadership development to prestigious organisations such as PepsiCo, Pantaloons, HBTI, Kanpur University, Institute of Chartered Accountants, and Kanpur Municipal Corporation. She is a professional career counsellor who has spoken at numerous forums like India Today, Tie UP, NHRD, Ficci flo, and hundreds of conferences.
Shefali has worked with the PSIT Group of Colleges for over 13 years and has been involved in entirely altering the organization’s Brand Image. As MD, she has developed domain experience in a variety of HR areas, including workforce planning and recruitment, placements, training, corporate relations, organisational development, employee relations, and communications.
A FICCI flo Winner in the Director Corporate category was just announced. She is a firm believer in analytics, and her passion pushes her in her pursuit of excellence in all she does. She received the Ranilaxmibai Ratan Award.
A strong individual who enjoys balancing her passions with her work inspired her to learn to play the guitar, sing, drive, and play basketball.

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