Sreeshankar Nair

Sreeshankar Nair

Sreeshankar Nair is the CEO of Brainwired.

He Co-founded Brainwired with the intention to change the agriculture industry in India. He provides affordable health monitoring and tracking solutions for precision livestock farming. Our solutions focus on that farmer in a village whose living comes from his livestock.

Brainwired helps farmers full-time or part-time to make the most out of their livestock farms and make more money. He joined Lykan as a CBDO and has been working with them since 2017.

Lykan is a cybersecurity startup with a unique approach to network monitoring and threat detection. The lykan has a visionary group of founders with a desire to pioneer in cyberspace. His past work experience includes working as a business development manager and education counselor at Byjus learning application.

He was responsible for marketing and sales operations at call bell Pvt ltd. interned as team lead and engineer at ITI and was appointed executive member for His department student council in college from 2014 to 2016, organized and successfully conducted space expo and college fest for two consecutive years, runner up for innovation challenge, hosted every major college program for four consecutive years leading to experience in people management, leadership, problem-solving, event management.

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