Suchi Mukherjee

Suchi Mukherjee

Suchi Mukherjee is an Indian entrepreneur and the face behind LimeRoad, a popular online retail platform. LimeRoad was launched in 2012 by Suchi Mukherjee, who co-founded the firm alongside Ankush Mehra and Prashant Malik. While Malik has left the firm, Mehra is still the Co-Founder and Director of A.M Marketplaces Pvt. Ltd., LimeRoad’s parent company, and Mukherjee remains the CEO.


Suchi Mukherjee was 6 July 1973 in Haryana, India.



She excelled in both high school and college. Suchi attended St Stephen’s College in Delhi before enrolling at the University of Cambridge, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with Math. She is a Chadburn Scholar and a Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholar & Fellow. She has an academic record in Development Economics. In 2008, Suchi was elected as an Elected Member of Newnham Associates at the University of Cambridge.


She was soon accepted to The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where she earned an MSc in Finance and Economics. She also attends LSE as a British Chevening Scholar.



Suchi began her career at Lehman Brothers Incorporation in the Telecoms Media Technology area (formerly financial institutions). She worked for the organisation for five years as a Senior Associate, Corporate Finance (July 1998 to June 2003).

Following that, she joined Virgin Media, where she worked for two years as the Director of Change & Business Development. She was a member of the firm’s Consumer Division Management Team. Under her tenure, the firm generated $2.5 billion in revenue. From June 2003 to May 2005, she worked there.

Her next job was with eBay Inc. Though it appears that eBay has already lost the ecommerce fight in India, it was once among the ecommerce biggies. She was in charge of the Business Seller Programs and CS there. She was a member of the e-commerce portal’s UK Operating Management Team and was widely featured on eBay due to her management and business talents. After a year, Suchi was promoted to Director and Member of the Executive Management Team of Skype, which was then a subsidiary of Pierre Omidyar’s eBay Inc. She investigated product and marketing, which covered planning, product/UI design, payments, brand management, advertising channels, and other activities. She held the same position from July 2007 until December 2008 before being promoted again. This time, it was GumTree, where Suchi Mukherjee was appointed Managing Director & General Manager in January 2009. It was a subsidiary of eBay Inc. She worked for the firm for nearly two years until leaving in August 2011. Within a few years, the firm rose from third to first place under her guidance.

Suchi Mukherjee established her own firm centred on fashion and clothing for women after achieving very well in her career and served at multiple organisations in over 5+ job capacities. Suchi is presently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LimeRoad, an e-commerce platform founded in 2012. However, what inspired her to seek a career as an entrepreneur is rather intriguing.

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